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THE HONEYSUCKLE FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER, a not-for-profit corporation, founded in 2002 by Rene Giacalone and a friend Michael A. Borg, Esq., while her youngest daughter was battling bone cancer. Through the kindness and concern of family, friends and neighbors, it became evident early on that the family's "support network" was just as important as her daughter's medical treatment. With other siblings to be concerned about, as well as an extensive network of friends, neighbors, and schoolmates, striking a balance of maintaining a healthy outlook while undergoing grueling medical treatment was a continual challenge. This family was able to get through a year that was physically and emotionally demanding, while still enjoying a high quality of life, which is a luxury many healthy families, let alone cancer stricken families, find difficult to achieve.

From this experience was born the idea of establishing The Honeysuckle Foundation to assist cancer stricken families in their time of need. Having started out as a small scale Foundation with the goal of helping individual families, the Honeysuckle Foundation quickly found its niche in providing substantial funding for the psychosocial program for children with cancer and blood disorders at Cohen Children's Hospital, the healthcare network where Rene's daughter received treatment. This program makes available to all patients and their families, the assistance and support of psychologists and social workers specifically trained to deal with cancer and its impact upon families. The Honeysuckle Foundation looks to supplement social-emotional issues that are overlooked during arduous treatment, with a focus that quality of life is an important aspect of treatment.

The Honeysuckle Foundation is only as strong as its volunteers and donors. The goal is to solicit the efforts of individuals, corporations, schools and other not-for-profits willing to commit time and resources to this cause. From an individual donation to involvement of students, from local businesses to the corporate boardroom, everyone will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of giving and knowing the invaluable help they are providing.

Pediatric cancer is an underfunded cause, due to the emotionally raw reality of it. Most people do not even know about the urgency of needs for these kids until it strikes someone close to them. Our goal is to not only help these children, but to raise awareness to a level that one day everyone will know September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, The Honeysuckle Foundation helps with psycho-social support, and that even when kids are diagnosed with cancer, there is help for them and their families.

Let Gold Be Told because kids get cancer too!