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Board Members

The Honeysuckle Foundation consistes of the following board members:

Alicia Giacalone *
Inspirational Founder
Email: alicia@honeysucklefoundation.org

Michael Borg, Esq. *
Email: mborg@honeysucklefoundation.org

Rene A. Giacalone *
Email: rene@honeysucklefoundation.org

Bruce Grossman *
Email: Bruce@honeysucklefoundation.org

Kari Grossman *
Email: Kari@honeysucklefoundation.org

Thomas Haupert
Email: tom@honeysucklefoundation.org

Chef Linda Burns
Development Manager
Email: cheflinda@honeysucklefoundation.org

* Denotes Executive Board Memeber


Funding the Honeysuckle Foundation's Psychosocial Program for
Children's Hospital at North Shore/LIJ Healthcare System