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It is our belief that as a children's charity, enabling kids to help other kids is very important. Not only for the patient, who needs to know that there are kids thinking of them, but for the child who is taking an active role in helping a child in need. The Honeysuckle Foundation has been extremely fortunate having the commitment and support of some local Long Island schools in fundraising efforts. West Hollow Middle School, Kings Park CSD RJO Intermediate School and Paumanok Elementary School are some of the schools helping. Through their various fundraising activities they are making a difference in the lives of kids battling cancer.

Paumanok Elementary School raises money for Honeysuckle
Feb 2006-The Community Helpers and Student Council of Paumanok Elementary School in Dix Hills, New York joined together to host a fundraiser called Cupid's Carnival in February 2006 at their school. All third, fourth and fifth grade students were invited to attend. Tickets were sold for $3. Events included Valentine Bingo, a Foul Shot Contest, Valentine Card Making, Jeopardy, Fishing for Hearts, Face Painting, and Valentine Crafts. The music for the event was provided by student DJ's and there was lots of dancing and fun. The children had a wonderful time and all proceeds from this event went to The Honeysuckle Foundation.

Alicia, a student at Paumanok, accepted the donation on behalf of the Foundation and spoke to her schoolmates about her experiences as a former cancer patient.

If you know of any school, group or club looking to make a difference, please email us at schools@honeysucklefoundation.org.

In the fall of 2003 they did a Honeysuckle Bear sale, followed by a 't-shirt' sale and then the donation of a fabulous gift basket for one of the Foundation's major events. The involvement of the students and teachers has been incredible, and we are very excited about this aspect of fundraising. We are hoping to offer schools various fundraising ideas and opportunities that not only will help with the Foundation's cause, but will help educate students and faculty as to the issues and stresses faced by pediatric oncology patients and their families. If you know of any school, group or club looking to make a difference, please email us at schools@honeysucklefoundation.org.

Some Fundraising Examples:

  • Honeysuckle Bear Sale: sell Honeysuckle Bears at your school or at a school event.

  • Cupcake Sale: sell cupcakes, cookies and various treats.

  • Raffles: get local businesses to donate items and sell raffle tickets to raffle off the items.

  • Car Washes: host a car wash at your school. (Certain Applebee's restaurants help with this and allow you to host one at their location, check for availability)

  • Carnivals: set up a carnival with various games, activities and food and host a carnival day.

  • Walk-a-thon: get people to sponsor people walking. Also can sell drinks and snacks.

  • Yard Sale: put out a request for unwanted items in good shape and set up a yard sale.

  • Plant Sale: work with a local nursery or florist to provide plants at cost and sell plants.

These are just a few examples of fundraising ideas. We are open to most suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.


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