About Us

The Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer has been helping kids with cancer & their families since 2003. Supporting psycho-social & child life programs that deal with quality of life issues families face is the cornerstone of our mission. Based upon the personal experiences of our Inspirational Founder Alicia & her family, Honeysuckle knows the importance of psycho-social programs in successful outcomes. We provide Honeysuckle Hope Chests (rewards & incentives for patients undergoing procedures) to pediatric cancer treatment centers, support Survivor ship programs that help pediatric cancer survivors to maintain health & well-being beyond treatment & provide resources for child life programs.

We believe successful treatment is based upon complete care dealing with the body, mind & spirit. The doctors, nurses & hospitals provide the necessary medical care, we work to help with the rest.

Honeysuckle Foundation - Alicia

We are proud to announce Prosthetics in Motion is now a sponsor of the Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer.
Prosthetics in Motion is a premiere facility in New York City providing comprehensive services & an on-site fully equipped lab.

Visit their website to see an in-depth description of the facility.