Assisting Children and Their Families

The Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer is a 501(c3) charity working to improve the quality-of-life and the emotional support for children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

Goals of The Honeysuckle Foundation for Children with Cancer in Assisting Children and their Families:

  • To support and assist pediatric oncology psycho-social programs.
  • Raise awareness for pediatric cancer, and to assist in the development of and implementation of ‘family friendly’ cancer programs.
  • To provide resources as incentives for children undergoing chemotherapy and other various medical procedures.
  • To work with schools and hospital personnel to develop educational programs for school personnel and students to increase understanding of the disease, and to encourage social support for patients and siblings.
  • Provide support programs for survivors of pediatric cancer who live with life long effects of treatment.